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We manufacture, sell, supply and export high quality sewage treatment plants at a very reasonable price anywhere India,Srilanka and in Maldives.

  • We design and commission wastewater treatment plants like sewage treatment plant using Bio-remediation Technique a Unique combination of Microbial cultures and Innovative technologies for enhanced degradation of organic compounds to ensure maximum reduction of pollutants in the wastewater so that the treated water would be recycled / safely discharged as per norms.
  • We Import Energy Efficient Aeration Systems and Foldable Tanks with PVC Liners from europe
  • We associated with a Team of Scientists engaged in cutting edge biotechnology to unravel these mysteries of nature to give us remarkable products from nature’s own laboratory.
  • Most of the System providers try to find solutions for wastewater by using new chemicals and artificial methods. The solutions to these problems have always been intrinsic to nature. One form of chemical becomes another form leading to hazardous waste which cannot be disposed at all. The lack of understanding of nature’s complex processes has prevented easy access to effective and safe treatment products.

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