Membrane Bio Reactor – Ultrafiltration Equipment

Membrane – MBR

We sell and supply Membrane Bio Reactors – Ultrafiltration Equipments used in Industrial RO Plants and in other water treatment plants anywhere in India,srilanka,Singapore and in Maldives

Key Benefits of our Membrane Bio Reactor MBR – Ultrafiltration Equipments :

We use Submerged Membrane Technology in our ultrafiltration equipment (MBR)

  • The Useful life of the filters in up to 10 years.
  • High purification 99.9999 % treated Water for Non Potable use
  • Maximum retention of Viruses & bacteria – 0.04 Microns
  • Patented for Maximum Flow – Flat Sheet Membrane
  • Our MBR (Ultrafiltration System) is Modular system – Eliminates other Filters
  • Our MBR (ultrafiltration system) has Low operation costs
  • Our Membrane bio Reactor uses Patented laser welding process ensures highest level of structural integrity and durability
  • Our MBR (ultrafiltration system) Can be retrofitted in Existing Sewage Treatment Plants.
  • Treated water from our MBR can be used for Chiller plants, Laundry, Fire Hydrants, Flushing, Gardening, Ground Water recharging Etc.

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