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We Manufacture,Sell and Supply Water Treatment Plants/Wastewater Management Systems i.e. Sewage Treatment Plants – STP, Effluent Treatment Plants – ETP, RO for industries, Zero Liquid Discharge plants ZLD, Membrane Bio Reactors MBR for ultra filtration in Chennai,Coimbatore,Hyderabad,Bangalore,Ahmadabad,Delhi, Pune ,Mumbai,Kolkata,Vijayawada,Nellore,Visakhapatnam,Karnataka,Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh,Maharashtra,India,Sri Lanka,Maldives at a very reasonable price. We are experts in providing wastewater management solutions i.e. Water Treatment Plants like Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Membrane Bio Reactor that are used for  treating wastewater. We also supply Industrial  Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants. We have a strong  team of young and dynamic people having experience more than 15 years in designing and establishing wastewater management plants. We sell and supply high quality water treatment plants anywhere in India,Sri lanka,Maldives at a very reasonable price.We use cutting edge biotechnology products in wastewater management systems like STP,ETP.

We incorporate Innovative and cutting edge advanced biological treatment technologies with tested and selected exogenous microorganisms that are suitable of degrading certain compounds present in the wastewater and to reduce the contaminants.


  • We use Eco Friendly Treatment Systems which enables the reuse of treated water
  • We use micro-organisms for removing oil and grease strains. so there is no oily sludge
  • We use energy efficient systems to save power consumption
  • We don’t use Chemicals . so there is no chance of hazardous sludge
  • we design  plant based on site conditions and space availability
  • Our water treatment plants provide 80 – 85 % Recycling and occur less operating costs , means less maintenance costs
  • We Import Energy Efficient Aeration Systems, Biomax Media, MBR, PVC Liners from Europe.

What We Did  :

  • We have executed more than 400 Eco-Friendly STPs and more than 250 ETPs  Covering a wide range of Industries, Colleges, Hospitals, Residential complexes &  Automobile showrooms
  • we supplied Sewage Treatment Plants for Industries, Colleges, Hospitals and Hotel Industries.
  • we supplied Effluent Treatment Plants for Automobile, Textile, Food Processing, Tannery, Dairy, Paper and other industries.
  • we provided Reverse Osmosis Plants for Industrial Applications.
  • we supplied Membrane Bio Reactors & Ultra-filtration systems.
  • We sell Energy Efficient 80% Submersible Mixers for ETP Collection Tanks and Eco friendly Biodegradable Polymers for ETP Primary Treatment

We Offer :

Water treatment plants i.e.sewage treatment plants STP, effluent treatment plants ETP for municipalities,dye and chemical industries, tanneries, textile industries, petrochemical industries, paper and pulp mills, dairy and food processing units,sugar industries,distilleries, pharmaceutical industries etc..

Contact Us:

Mail Us : wtpinfo@mail.com
Mobile : +91 – 9494109258

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